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Harnesses the power of creativity, media, and tech to scale your side hustle.

It take more than passion to get an idea off the ground. 

Side Hustle & Flow is a collective that harnesses the power of creativity, media, and tech to help Black and Minority entrepreneurs manage and market their small businesses. 

We are working on the side to bring practical resources to inspire you and help you manage and market your side hustle. While we prepare everything, sign up to get updates and follow us on the journey. 

Our Origin Story

Our Origin Story 

Five years ago, we gave our community the gift of an online directory to find and support Black-Owned businesses across Long Island, NY. This all started because our founder, Alicia Ray, could not find an aggregate list of black hairstylists on Long Island, she knew they existed, but their information was not easily accessible. The product marketer in her just had to package it and bring it to life. 

Five years later, we had a thriving online community comprised of nearly 500 Black business owners, thousands of consumers, and community partners, creating all sorts of dope synergies.

About the Founder

About the Creator

Alicia Ray 

Global Product Marketer, Visual Storyteller & Speaker 

Alicia Ray is a leader in the Global Marketing industry. From driving records in business development to delivering exemplary products, her track record extends from AT&T to Twitter, spanning print, radio, and digital platforms. 


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