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3 reasons you should not expect family and friends to support your business

When you own a business, you have to be all in, however, your family and friend don’t.

Here are 3 Reasons You Should Not Expect Friends and Family to Support Your Business.

  1. They are not always your target customer. Many will be offended here but your friends and family are not your target audience. Your business goals (i.e. sales) should be geared towards your target customers.

  2. They may not need what you’re selling. Remember, no one is obligated to buying something they don’t need. Would you?

  3. They are biased. Sometimes friends and family won’t give us honest feedback because they are afraid of hurting our feelings. It’s important that we strategically collect feedback from our target audience so we can make more informed business decisions.

PRO TIP: A target audience is a group of people identified as being likely customers of your business.

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